Relationship between patient age and blastocyst size in good embryo selection using NGS analysis (第9回 アジア太平洋生殖医学会(ASPIRE))
Y.matsuda(1), K.Yoshikai(1), T.kato(2), S.Mityai(1), C.Arai(1), S.Suzuki(1), M.Tomida(1), E.Nakano(1), Y.Sawada(1), T.Sawada(1), H. Kurahashi(2)

(1)The Sawada Women’s Clinic, Reproduction center, Nagoya Aichi Japan
(2)Fujita Health University, Division of Molecular Genetics-ICMS, Toyoake Aichi, Japan

Background and Aims
It is reported that the expanded size of blastocyst is associated with pregnancy outcome, and the larger the expansion, the higher the pregnancy rate. However, the degree of extension is evaluated based on Gardner, and objective comparison is difficult. We measured the size of the blastocoel and examined whether it relates to age and euploidy rate.

This study was performed using blastocysts continuously cultured in the EmbryoScope TL imaging incubator, those were obtained patient’s consent to use.
The size of the blastocyst was evaluated at 115 hours (day 5), the diameter was measured in two directions (horizontal direction and vertical direction), and the average value was used. Each blastocyst was subjected to whole genome amplification and diagnosed by NGS. Patient age was classified into three groups of under 34 years old (Group1), 35-39 years old (Group2), and over 40 years (Group3), and the size and ploidy of blastocysts were compared respectively.

There was a correlation between the blastocyst size and the euploid rate by NGS.
The size of the blastocoel was significantly larger in Group1 than in Group3 (163.1 ±24.8 vs. 132.2±27.2). The euploid rate was related to the age and significantly decreased with age (62.5% vs. 14.3% vs. 0%).

The degree of expansion of the blastocoel was found to be related to maternal age and euploidy. Determining the size of the blastocoel in each age group was considered to be useful as embryo transfer parameter.
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